About Us



“Bringing small business what the big guys take for granted”

The Concept

Big business can afford experienced finance managers and teams to carry out such vital functions as:

  •   ERP installation, administration and control;
  •   Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements;
  •   Providing analysis on financial results;
  •   Budgeting/forecasting;
  •   Creating reports;
  •   Processing accounts payable/receivable;
  •   Managing cash;
  •   Preparing and lodging BAS; and
  •   All other finance functions.

This is out of reach for small to medium businesses many of whom struggle with these vital business activities. Small business owners often carry out these functions themselves without proper training and accounting knowledge instead of focusing on the vital work of strategic planning and growing their businesses.

Portable Accounts Team can provide all the services and functionality of an accounts team found in a large business only when needed. Our clients only pay for the services they receive rather than having to maintain a costly group of trained professionals on site. Our clients save on:

  •  Salaries & entitlements (long service leave, sick leave, annual leave) for accounting professionals. A typical accounts team would consist of a CPA qualified finance manager, a qualified senior accountant, a number of bookkeepers and clerks;
  •   Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums and claims;
  •   Rental of office space to house an accounting team;
  •   Purchase of office equipment and furniture for an accounting team; and
  •   All other costs associated with the employment of staff.

Portable Accounts Team provides all this only when needed. Using Cloud Based accounting software we can work from our own office and provide our clients with up to date data only when required. We can also travel to your office to analyse business setup, processes and procedures, work with auditors if required and to present financial results.

We are always online, on time, and available only when you need us. We are your Portable Accounts Team!


What makes Portable Accounts Team different from standard bookkeeping firms in Sydney?

A standard bookkeeper will provide:

  •   Entry of supplier invoices;
  •   Customer invoicing;
  •   Bank reconciliation;
  •   BAS preparation; and
  •   Basic accounts tasks.

Many such bookkeepers have worked in accounts teams and have gained first-hand knowledge of the processes they provide without appropriate qualifications

Portable Accounts Team is headed and run by an accounting professional with 20 plus years of accounting experience in senior management roles in a variety of companies of differing size and structure while managing the full finance function. Holding a University degree in Accounting and a CPA qualification, Paul Tassone brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Portable Accounts Team.

Managing Director

Paul Tassone established Portable Accounts Team in August 2016 as an alternative for small business. Paul is holds a Bachelor of Business – Accounting degree from Charles Sturt University and is a CPA qualified accountant.

Having worked as a senior accounting professional for more than 20 years in a number of businesses ranging from small, family owned organisations to multinational and international companies, Paul has the experience to provide what small to medium business require. He has implemented ERP accounting software packages at each of the companies he has worked for, managed teams of accounting professionals, liaised with auditors and accounting firms on behalf of his employers, and now is the owner and managing director of his own small business. With hands on experience of what works best in providing accurate, easy to understand accounting information to management in a timely manner, Paul is eminently qualified to provide his know how to small to medium business clients.

Paul’s Linkedin profile provides further details.